hv Porcelain line post insulators

The single hv Porcelain line post insulators design eliminates tension loaded, nested porcelain shells, internal pins or inserts and avoids damaging pressure between porcelains.

hv Porcelain line post insulator              hv Porcelain line post insulators

HV Porcelain line post insulators specifications:
The solid core design ensures 100% puncture-proof reliability throughout the insulator life.
There are no internal bursting forces from pins or inserts to damage porcelain.
The Orient line post insulator, by design, is free of radio and TV interference.
The Orient line post gets its flashover and leakage values from height rather than spread.
ANSI C29.7 standard is periodically reviewed for any revisions necessary to keep it current with advancing technology.

HV Porcelain line post insulators types: ANSI 57-1, ANSI 57-2, ANSI 57-3, ANSI 57-4, ANSI 57-5, ANSI 57-6, ANSI 57-11, ANSI 57-12, ANSI 57-13, ANSI 57-14, ANSI 57-15, ANSI 57-16, ANSI 57-21, ANSI 57-22, ANSI 57-23, ANSI 57-24, ANSI 57-25, ANSI 57-26, ANSI 57-31, ANSI 57-32, ANSI 57-33, ANSI 57-34, ANSI 57-35, ANSI 57-36

With various configuration options for the live end and ground end hardware fitting designs for different voltage levels are also possible for our HV Porcelain line post insulators. We can also supply insulator for high voltage according to many kinds of standards or customers' drawings.

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