Porcelain Post Insulator Technic
    The Polymer line post insulators are composed by insulating part, fittings and fiber glass core. The silicon rubber shed adopts the whole packing pressure technique.
    The Porcelain pin post insulator for providing good creepage distance, which can be used in light and heavy contamination areas.
    Lightning protection punctures pin insulators unique arc fork closely linked through the upper end of the bolt and the insulator fittings.
    Polymer distribution line post insulators, transmission insulators were suspended from tower arms.
    Glass suspension insulator, Whit the annealing treatment of the glass, internals tensions created during fabrication are eliminated.
    22kv silicone rubber insulators shall be designed to meet the high quality, safety and reliability and are capable of withstanding a wide range of environmental conditions.
    Outdoor solid core post insulators are designed to comply with the demands of the level of electrical insulation and mechanical strength.
    Low voltage shackle insulators are applied on low voltage overhead distribution lines for fixing of conductors to poles.
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