11KV line post insulator,11kV 4kN porcelain line post insulator

11kV 4kN Porcelain line post insulator consists of and metal accessories with cement gel pack and used on distribution and transmission line upto 132KV as one of 11KV line post insulator.

11KV line post insulator and 11kV 4kN porcelain line post insulator inspected:
Orient Power typically engineers are concerned with 3 things when evaluating 11KV line post insulator. They are vertical Load, transverse load and longitudinal Load. And we cannot use just one of these to determine if a line post insulator is adequate for the anticipated loads. All 3 loads and their interactions should be used in the evaluation.

11kV 4kN porcelain line post insulator
11KV line post insulator

11KV line post insulator and 11kV 4kN porcelain line post insulator characteristics:
The one – piece design utilized in Orient capless Insulators as one of tie – top line post insulator as eliminates the need for suspension shells while providing maximum protection under severe flashover and mechanical impact. Designed for upright or angle mounting on a crossarm, a choice of stud assemblies is available for both wood and steel crossarms. All 11KV Line Post Insulator/11kV 4kN porcelain line post insulator are manufactured by Orient Insulators in strict compliance to ANSI standards.

Orient Power offers "field proven performance" in a complete line of 11KV line post insulator/11kV 4kN porcelain line post insulators. And, with over 30 years of manufacturing experience and performance testing, you can confidently specify Orient Power.

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