22KV line post porcelain insulator,33 kv line post insulator

As a professional line post insulator manufacturer, Orient produced both high quality and high performance 22KV line post porcelain insulator and 33 kv line post insulator.

22KV line post porcelain insulator/33 kv line post insulator tests:
Orient insulator would be inspected before shipping; we often adopt sample way to do test. Sampling tests include checking size test, temperature cycle test, the mechanical load test, porosity test zinc layer test in the light of IEC C29.7 standard. The mechanical load parameter is one of 22KV line post porcelain insulator and 33kV ceramic line post insulators technical parameters.

22KV line post porcelain insulator
33kV ceramic line post insulator

About Orient Power:
Orient Power is a leader in Connectivity porcelain line post insulator technology with product installations in over 20 countries world-wide with the capabilities of providing both ANSI and IEC qualified products and systems.

When our customers think of trouble free distribution ceramic line post insulators with the longevity to outpace life time expectations of the transmission lines supported, they think of porcelain line post insulators from Orient Insulators. If you want 22KV line post porcelain insulator or 33 kv line post insulator, please email or phone us by Orient Power contact, we will with the fastest speed for your recovery.

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Orient is an international line post insulator manufacturer and supplier of high quality porcelain line post insulators and porcelain pin post insulator.
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