22KV porcelain line post insulators,line post insulator 20kv

22KV porcelain line post insulatorshave a metal bolt down base as opposed to threads. The Orient Power company originated the line post insulators which quickly replaced the porcelain pin type insulator as the most popular for medium voltage transmission. Many early multipart lines are spotted with line post insulators as replacements. 22KV porcelain line post insulators and line post insulator 20kv are also used in substations to insulate high voltage switching gear and transformers.

22KV porcelain line post insulator
22kV 10kN ceramic line post insulator

Orient Power has brown and grey porcelain line post insulator. The metal base has a threaded hole to bolt to the cross-arm. Orient Power is a manufacturer of High voltage electrical porcelain. Our product types include ANSI Line Post, IEC Line Post, Line Post Transmission and Distribution as well as Apparatus porcelains, such as Capped porcelain line post insulator. Our standard product line ranges from 10kV to 132kv, especially for line post insulator 20kv. Other designs rated at higher voltage levels are available upon request. All units are designed to ANSI, IEC and IEEE standards as required.

As you know, people make the difference in any company. At Orient Power, we feel we have assembled a knowledgeable staff capable meeting your needs. Located in China and with manufacturing capabilities in a global setting we feel well suited to offer a highly competitive variety of 22KV porcelain line post insulators, line post insulator 20kv or 22kV 10kN ceramic line post insulator as one of porcelain insulators.

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Orient is an international line post insulator manufacturer and supplier of high quality porcelain line post insulators and porcelain pin post insulator.
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