69KV porcelain line post insulator,porcelain line post type insulators

Porcelain line post type insulators are used in substations and related switching equipment. 69KV porcelain line post insulator is one main type insulator in our company.

69KV porcelain line post insulator/porcelain line post type insulators formation:
Line Post insulator has two types of studs, one is only shaped by porcelain, and the one end of this type insulator will be covered with metal hardware. ANSI standard requires like this, and this type insulator was called capped porcelain line post insulator.
Another stud type is cement a zinc sleeve on the pin inner hole; and this type of insulator will be fitted with steel head spindle, so the insulator can be called capless porcelain line post insulator. This spindle is according to BS 3288, and has small steel head and large steel head.

69KV porcelain line post insulator
porcelain line post type insulator

They are produced in pieces up to 1116mm and can operate voltages up to 132KV in stacked configuration. 69KV porcelain line post insulators are subjected to compression, cantilever and torsional loads during service.

About 69KV porcelain line post insulator/porcelain line post type insulators:
Porcelain line post insulator is available for 132KV voltage and contamination level. Orient Power improves the 69KV porcelain line post insulator mechanical strength and high reliability through accumulated technology. Our ceramic line post insulators have excellent long-term performance.

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