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ANSI 57-32 porcelain line post insulator,horizontal line post

The ANSI 57-32 porcelain line post insulator supplied by Orient Power provides years of reliable and consistent performance in the most rugged environments as a gain base type horizontal line post.

From salty seaside substations to highly corrosive petrochemical facilities along the equator, our porcelain line post insulators enable continued operation at the designed voltages. Orient Power’s horizontal line post have also been tested to pass extreme seismic conditions.

ANSI 57-32 porcelain line post insulator               porcelain line post insulator ANSI 57-32

Customers from more than 30 countries all over the world consistently choose ANSI 57-32 porcelain line post insulator over epoxy, silicone, and cycloaliphatic designs due to their durability. If you have ever experienced downtime due to a field failure of an ‘epoxy insulator’, the outrageously high cost of downtime could have been avoided by using a horizontal line post. Utility engineers and consultants continue to specify porcelain insulators for their high voltage T&D line projects because of their superior reliability.

ANSI 57-32 porcelain line post insulator parameters:

Type 57-32
Creepage distance mm 559
Dry arcing distance mm 241
Cantilever strength KN 12.5
Power frequency flashover voltage Dry KV 100
Wet KV 70
Critical impulse flashover voltage Positive KV 160
Negative 205
Radio interference voltage Test voltage to ground KV 22
Max. RIV at 1 MHz μV 100

Gain base type line post insulator is now available pre-assembled as a single, rigid unit for wood, concrete or steel pole mounting. As a horizontal clamp top gain base type horizontal line post, ANSI 57-32 line post insulator can be fixed horizontally on wooden poles and this will reduce the cost of crossarms.

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