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ANSI 57-33 porcelain line post insulator,curved base line post insulator

ANSI 57-33 porcelain line post insulator is a kind of curved base line post insulator used on high voltage transmission and distribution line applications and manufactured as per ANSI C29.1 and ANSI C29.7.

The design of our porcelain line post insulators complies with the mechanical and electrical requirements of IEEE, IEC, and ANSI Standards. Testing is also performed in accordance with the applicable industry standards. Custom curved base line post insulator can also be designed and manufactured for customer specific applications and requirements.

ANSI 57-33 porcelain line post insulator              porcelain line post insulator ANSI 57-33

Maintenance of ANSI 57-33 porcelain line post insulator / curved base line post insulator is really not required as the glaze coating on the exterior of the insulator keeps dirt and pollutants from adhering to the porcelain insulator. The metal fittings used in the manufacture of our porcelain insulators are made from metals that will not deteriorate and are ideal for supporting copper and aluminum busbars.

ANSI 57-33 porcelain line post insulator parameters:

Type 57-33
Creepage distance mm 737
Dry arcing distance mm 311
Cantilever strength KN 12.5
Power frequency flashover voltage Dry KV 125
Wet KV 95
Critical impulse flashover voltage Positive KV 200
Negative 260
Radio interference voltage Test voltage to ground KV 30
Max. RIV at 1 MHz μV 200

Manufacturing porcelain insulators is time consuming and sometimes this causes long lead times. Orient helps customers avoid long lead times by stocking industry standard clamp top line post insulator. Stocking agreements are offered so that your production process can run without interruption. We put our customers first and strive to consistently provide a reliable ANSI 57-33 porcelain line post insulator / curved base line post insulator supply.

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