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IEC station post insulators

IEC station post insulators are used for projects that involve extremely heavy mechanical loads. They meet or exceed all ANSI standards in both electrical and mechanical characteristics for their voltage class.

 IEC station post insulators

IEC station post insulators are widely used in power plants, transmission substations, distribution substation and high voltage power equipment up to 1100kV. These solid core post insulators are used in applications for both insulating and structural support of live components.

Product Features:
High mechanical strength design of insulators including cantilever, torsion, compression and expansion strength.
Anti-ageing, anti-UV, anti-sandstorm design.
Smooth surface with high hardness and exceptional anti-pollution performance.
Minimal displacement under load.

For IEC station post insulators, in most cases, one of our standard product offerings will meet your application needs. And provides a full range of porcelain and polymer housed IEC rated insulators for AC and DC transmission, substation, and distribution applications.


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