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11 kv post insulators

11 kv post insulators can be divided into porcelain post insulators and polymer post insulators according to insulator materials used with switchgear, air break and so on.

11 kv post insulators

11 kv post insulators consist of
◆ Made of ceramic material, composed of porcelain units and end fittings
◆ FRP core, polymer sheds and housing and end fittings

The advantages of 11 kv post insulators
◆ Excellent mechanical properties.
◆ Good stain flashover performance
◆ Excellent electrical and corrosion resistance
◆ Good anti-aging properties
◆ Good structural stability
◆ Line high operating efficiency
◆ Light weight

11 kv post insulators are one of outdoor electrical insulator used for low voltage power lines or stations for rated voltage 11kv.


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