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11kv pin type insulator

11kv pin type insulator is made from alumina porcelain, porcelain pin insulator used on overhead distribution lines with nominal voltage 11kv, and consisting of insulator porcelain parts and insulator pins.

11kv pin type insulator

The 11kv pin type insulators perform two basic functions: to provide mechanical support for the conductors, and to prevent passage of current to ground in clean or polluted area. A pin insulator is an insulator generally having means for rigid mounting on a separable pin.

Service conditions of 11kv pin type insulator
Maximum altitude: up to 1000m
Maximum ambient temperature: 50 ℃
Minimum ambient temperature: -10 ℃
Average ambient temperature for year: 30 ℃
Maximum relative humidity: 10%

11kv pin type insulator normative references
Applicable standards
GES 12213: insulator pin for pin type insulator
ASTM C150-05: standard specification for Portland cement
NEMA (ANSI) C29.1: test methods for electrical power insulators
NEMA (ANSI) C29.6: wet process porcelain insulators (high voltage pin type)
ISO 1460: Metallic coating-hot dip galvanized coatings on ferrous materials gravimetric determination of the mass per unit area
ISO 1461: hot dip galvanized coating on fabricated iron and steel articles specifications and test methods

Alternative standards for 11kv pin type insulator
The insulator supplier may purpose alternative standards provided it is proven that it gives an equivalent degree of quality as applicable standards.

Precedence of standards
In case of discrepancy between this specification and any of the applicable standards, the following order of precedence shall apply:
Technical specification of tenderer
Applicable standards
Acceptable alternative standards

11kv pin type insulator is popular electrical porcelain insulators used on the distribution pole lines or overhead lines to supporting and insulating conductors or wires.


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