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132KV porcelain line post insulators

132KV porcelain line post insulators also known ceramic line post type insulators, are the most widely used models for high voltage overhead transmission and distribution lines of power system.

Two Horizontal, Two Vertical Types: Orient offers 132KV porcelain line post insulators for a broad range of transmission and distribution applications: Two basic horizontal line post clamp-type designs: gain base castings and stud base castings. Two basic horizontal vertical line post stud-based designs: conventional tie-top and clamp top.

132KV porcelain line post insulator              132KV porcelain line post insulators

132KV porcelain line post insulators specifications:
100% Puncture-Proof Solid Core
Solid core porcelain provides totally trouble-free electrical performance.
The solid core design ensures 100% puncture-proof reliability throughout the insulator life.
Orient is the best source for performance proven, solid core porcelain Line Post Insulators.
Typically, insulators are supplied without conductor clamps and mounting studs.
All auxiliary hardware is available from Orient.

Orient offers four different "classes" of solid core, line post porcelain insulators. And, because each and every porcelain line post insulator is subjected to tough performance testing, prior to being shipped, you can confidently specify Orient.

These 132KV porcelain line post type insulator products are made by the wet process using high grade raw materials. The basic raw materials that go into the manufacture of these insulators are naturally occurring clays and minerals like quartz and feldspar.

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