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132kv polymeric insulators

More and more countries used polymeric insulators, but porcelain insulators also are the common insulator. Such as 132kv porcelain line post insulators have longer term life than 132kv polymeric insulators.

132kv porcelain line post insulator

Compared with 132kv polymeric insulators, the advantages of 132kv porcelain line post insulator have
◆ Using natural materials, bad insulator can be recycled.
◆ Long-term live.
◆ The ceramic material is resistant to rodents, termites, birds and other animals capable of compromising the integrity of polymeric
◆ The ceramic insulator has a wide scope of application: Contactors, disconnectors, equipment transformers, condensers, grommets also with extreme surface, atypical insulators (filters).

Orient 132kv polymeric insulators can be used on transmission power line with high quality and high performance.

The 132kv ceramic line post insulator is suitable for extreme hot/cold changes in the environment. It is suitable for environments with dust, salt and high moisture, or for combination of all of the above.

But the 132 polymeric insulators have itself advantages, such as light weight, easy to install and so on. 

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