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220kv silicon rubber post insulator

 220kv silicon rubber post insulator up to a high voltage system suitable for overhead distribution and transmission lines.

220kv silicon rubber post insulator

The end fitting connection adopts the zinc cover protection, supersonic monitor and coaxial constant compression controlled by computer, finished with good appearance and high quality. And the fiber rod uses the ECR high-temperature and acid-proof material.

The silicon rubber rain shed, designed according to the aerodynamics principle, use the whole-moulding method, to make sure the validity of total creepage distance under every climate and nasty conditions, as well as improved the pollution discharge of the insulators.

220kv silicon rubber post insulator can operate under very harsh environments, such as Industrial pollution, marshy land, hilly and unfriendly terrain, extreme weather, coastal region etc.

220kv silicon rubber post insulator, insulating part, fittings and fiber are the main structure of the composite line post insulator Neoprene Rubber Insulator.

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