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66KV porcelain line post insulators

The basic raw materials of 66KV porcelain line post insulators that go into the manufacture of these insulators are naturally occurring clays and minerals like quartz and feldspar.

The coarsely-powdered materials are ground to the required particle size in ball mills. The moisture content is reduced in filter process to obtain solid cakes. The cakes are fed into the pug mills. The void free pugs that are extruded from the pug mills are then pressed into shape and glazed after drying. These porcelain line post insulator products which are thoroughly inspected before glazing are fired in the tunnel kilns.

66KV porcelain line post insulators              66KV porcelain line post insulator

The body composition developed over the years ensures excellent mechanical and electrical characteristics. These 66KV porcelain line post insulators are provided with Zinc thimbles suitable for long or short studs. Above porcelain line post Insulators are subjected to a full series of type tests such as Impulse and Power Frequency Tests, Temperature Cycle Test, Mechanical (cantilever) test, Puncture Test & Porosity Test. Full quality control is exercised at all stages of manufacture.

These 66KV porcelain line post insulators conforms to specifications, ANSI C29.1, ANSI C29.7, BS137, IEC383, IS731 and other international specifications. If you are interested in this type insulator please contact Orient.

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