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69KV porcelain line post type insulator

69KV porcelain line post type insulator provided by Orient Power has a better performance for its galvanizing test is perfect and strictly done as per ANSI C29.1, ANSI C29.7 and other international standard.

69KV porcelain line post type insulator galvanizing test:
Three pieces representative of each type of galvanized hardware used with the 69KV porcelain line post type insulator shall be selected at random and tested in accordance with section 6 of ANSI C29.1. Five to ten measurements shall be uniformly and randomly distributed over the entire surface. Both the average thickness value for each individual specimen and the average of the entire sample shall equal or exceed the following values: Hardware (except nuts/bolts) average of entire sample is 3.4 mil and that of the nuts/bolts is 2.1 mil. Average of individual specimen of hardware is 3.1mil while that of nuts/bolts is 1.7mil.

69KV porcelain line post type insulator               porcelain line post type insulator 69KV

69KV porcelain line post insulator proper function depends on the insulation system with the supporting structures largely. The performance of outdoor insulators, as main insulating material, is influenced by some parameters.

Two basic horizontal line post clamp-type designs: gain base castings and stud base castings. Two basic horizontal vertical line post stud-based designs: conventional tie-top and clamp top. The type of 69KV porcelain line post type insulator depends on your need.

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