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72.5KV porcelain line post insulators

Orient Export products include 72.5KV porcelain line post insulators. Porcelain line post insulator is used for high voltage transmission & distribution overhead lines with the voltage ranging from 10kv to 132kv.

Porcelain line post insulator is the substitute for the conventional suspension or tension disc insulators and can be used as support for conductors on crossarms of transmission and distribution line poles. These 72.5KV porcelain line post insulators are recommended for polluted zones and areas prone to vandal damage. Even if a shed should break there will be little decrease in flashover voltage and power supply will not be disturbed. In addition the damaged insulator can be left in service and replaced conveniently.

72.5KV porcelain line post insulators               72.5KV porcelain line post insulator

72.5KV porcelain line post insulators porosity test:
Specimens shall be selected from insulators destroyed in other and tested in accordance with 5.4 of ANSI C29.1-1988. Penetration of the dye into the body of the dielectric shall constitute failure of the lot to meet the requirements of this standard.

72.5KV porcelain line post insulators packaging:
Packaging of insulators should be such as to afford reasonable and proper protection in shipping and handling. Each box or container should be marked with the number of pieces contained therein; the catalog numbers or description of the contents; and the manufacturer’s name.

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