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72.5KV porcelain line post type insulator

72.5KV porcelain line post type insulator as an insulator, also called a dielectric, is a material that resists the flow of electric current. An insulating material has atoms with tightly bonded valence electrons.

These insulating materials are used in parts of electrical equipment, also called insulators or insulation, intended to support or separate electrical conductors without passing current through themselves. Porcelain line post insulator is designed with a lower flashover voltage than puncture voltage, so they will flashover before they puncture, to avoid damage.

72.5KV porcelain line post type insulator              porcelain line post type insulator 72.5KV

The performance of 72.5KV porcelain line post type insulator, as main insulating material, is influenced by some parameters. Two of these parameters are environmental pollution and humidity. Those lines sometimes traverse on many polluted or emitted areas, such as coastal, industrial areas, transmission lines are used to transmit electric energy from a power plant to a substation and to distribution line at the end.

72.5KV porcelain line post type insulator is made from high quality non porous electrical porcelain and galvanized ferrous (or non-ferrous) end fittings which provide long life and reliable performance over a wide range of environmental conditions. If you need these porcelain line post insulators or more details about them, just contact us freely.

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