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ANSI 57-2 insulator,porcelain line post insulator

For decades, as a main porcelain line post insulator, ANSI 57-2 insulator has demonstrated reliable performance in various types of transmission and distribution applications all over the world.

NSI 57-2 insulator is horizontal porcelain line post used for applications such as down-leads and jumper loop control and is Horizontal Mounting Clamp-Top Type with Stud Base (2" Trunnion bolt and Locknut). It is manufactured and tested to ANSI Standard C29.7.

ANSI 57-2 insulator              ANSI 57-2 porcelain line post insulator

ANSI 57-2 insulator parameters:

Type   57-2
Power frequency flashover voltage Dry KV 100
Wet KV 70
Critical impulse flashover voltage KV 160
Radio interference voltage Test voltage to ground KV 22
Max. RIV at 1 MHz μV 100
Leakage distance Inches 22
Dry arcing distance Inches 9.5
Cantilever strength Pounds 2800

Gray glaze is supplied on all standard strength porcelain line post insulators unless otherwise specified. Pre-assembled line posts have top and bottom sections permanently joined with a metal flange or collar in place of the end caps used on the standard bolted assembly. Much of the rural distribution presently employing Orient distribution ANSI 57-2 insulator is of the unshielded type utilizing pole top bracket and crossarm mounting of insulators.

Tests performed with a small bullet demonstrated that the bullets that struck in the outer casing did not damage the Porcelain – composite or glass insulators - taken by comparison - exploded completely as soon as they are struck.

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