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ANSI 57 series line post porcelain insulator

As a professional line post insulator manufacturer, we mainly produce ANSI 57 series line post porcelain insulator and IEC series porcelain line post insulator with high quality.

ANSI 57 series line post porcelain insulator                line post porcelain insulator


Until recently, power utilities bought our line post porcelain insulator solely from manufacturers based in the China. Utilities were knowledgeable of the quality with which the ANSI 57 series line post porcelain insulators were manufactured because of site visits and historical experience with the manufacturers. In the past few years, the porcelain line post insulator industry has moved manufacturing to plants in the world. Utilities are no longer familiar with either the manufacturing process or the quality of the insulators due to limited experience with these manufacturers and the difficulty of performing site visits.

ANSI 57 series line post porcelain insulator can be used on overhead medium-voltage and low-voltage transmission and distribution line. Transmission and distribution systems allow electricity to move across the country through infrastructure commonly referred to as “poles and wires.” The extension of line post insulator tests can defer capital expenditures and control costs as utilities seek to enhance safety, reliability and performance.

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