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ANSI class 57-2 line post type insulator

As one kind of horizontal porcelain line post insulator, ANSI class 57-2 line post type insulator has a better performance for its perfect technology, and the design tests also guarantee the quality and safety of these insulators.

ANSI class 57-2 line post type insulator specifications:
Non-puncturable design
Application Standard: IEC, ANSI, BS, AS, DIN, CAN, GB and etc.
Color: light gray, brown, white, sky blue and etc.
Non-standard products: Designed by us or specified by the customers.

ANSI class 57-2 line post type insulator            ANSI 57-2 line post type insulator

ANSI class 57-2 line post type insulator parameters:

Type   57-2
Power frequency flashover voltage Dry KV 100
Wet KV 70
Critical impulse flashover voltage KV 160
Radio interference voltage Test voltage to ground KV 22
Max. RIV at 1 MHz μV 100
Leakage distance Inches 22
Dry arcing distance Inches 9.5
Cantilever strength Pounds 2800

Porcelain line post insulators are made as per ANSI C29.7, and this standard is periodically reviewed for any revisions necessary to keep it current with advancing technology.

Porcelain tie-top line post type insulator is made of good commercial-grade wet-process porcelain. The entire porcelain surface of the insulator, with the exception of a firing surface, shall be glazed. The entire surface shall be relatively free from imperfections.

ANSI class 57-2 line post type insulator is only one of our products. Situated in Zhengzhou, China, Orient is a famous enterprise mainly manufacturing all types of electrical insulators and electric apparatus for both domestic and international markets.

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