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ANSI class 57-2 insulator,porcelain line post insulator

ANSI class 57-2 insulator is made and tested as per ANSI C29.1 and ANSI C29.7, and this type porcelain line post insulator is horizontal tie top type for its connection way with conductor wire.

ANSI class 57-2 insulator              ANSI class 57-2 line post insulator

ANSI class 57-2 insulator is F neck vertical tie-top line post insulator, the same as classes 57-1 and 57-3.

ANSI 57-2 porcelain line post insulator parameters:

Type   57-2
Power frequency flashover voltage Dry KV 100
Wet KV 70
Critical impulse flashover voltage KV 160
Radio interference voltage Test voltage to ground KV 22
Max. RIV at 1 MHz μV 100
Leakage distance Inches 22
Dry arcing distance Inches 9.5
Cantilever strength Pounds 2800

Orient supplies wet process ANSI class 57-2 insulator for distribution line application 35 kV. All porcelain line post insulators are solid core wet process porcelain and are manufactured and tested in conformance with ANSI Standard C29.7.

Porcelain line post insulators have a metal stud base with threads used with insulator pins. The Orient manufactured the porcelain line post insulator which quickly replaced the porcelain pin type insulator as the most popular for medium voltage transmission. Many early multipart lines are spotted with line post insulators as replacements.

Orient Power will do all series of tests for our ANSI class 57-2 insulator before selling. The line post insulator tests include design tests, quality conformance tests, cantilever-strength test and routine tests.

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Orient is an international line post insulator manufacturer and supplier of high quality porcelain line post insulators and porcelain pin post insulator.
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