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ANSI line post insulators for high voltage

ANSI line post insulators for high voltage has some models used in North America, South America, Europe, South Africa, Asia, etc. and still in a good status until now.

ANSI 57-12 porcelain line post insulator                ANSI 57-1 porcelain line post insulator

Since 1978 our factory was established, we have rich experience for Porcelain line post insulator over 20 years. Our Porcelain line post insulators price is very competitive. Porcelain pin post insulator standards have:
1.ANSI series: ANSI 57-1, ANSI 57-2, ANSI 57-3, ANSI 57-4, ANSI 57-5, ANSI 57-6; ANSI 57-11, ANSI 57-12, ANSI 57-13, ANSI 57-14, ANSI 57-15, ANSI 57-16; ANSI 57-21, ANSI 57-22, ANSI 57-23, ANSI 57-24, ANSI 57-25, ANSI 57-26, ANSI 57-31, ANSI 57-32, ANSI 57-33, ANSI 57-34, ANSI 57-35, ANSI 57-36
2. IEC series: EP356, EP472, EP480, EP801, EP802, EP965, EP967, EP1046, EP1054, EP1088

The ANSI line post insulators for high voltage unit consists of a metal cap and metal pin assembled to a porcelain by means of neat Portland cement. These three materials have different temperature coefficients of expansion, the metal parts having the highest coefficient and the porcelains the lowest.

Orient Power Systems’ of Connectivity porcelain line post insulators systems serves Transmission Overhead Line applications providing complete assemblies from the tower to the conductor.

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