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Advanced ceramic tube & insulators

Ceramic tube & insulators are suitable for thermocouple protection in high temperature measurement applications. Ceramic tube & insulators used in many industries to monitoring the stability and performance of production process especially in terrible environment.

Advanced ceramic tube & insulators

Advanced ceramic tube & insulators are used at outer protection sheaths, there are one types, closed- one-end tubes, which is manufactured as one-piece unit, make them much stronger and more reliable in operation. The end seal of Advanced ceramic tube & insulators is mean to provide a safe, secure and completely accurate environment.

Aluminum Oxide is used throughout many industries, which is known as alumina, it is hard wearing material, Advanced ceramic tube & insulators is be machined using diamond=grinding methods, it is combination of hardness, high temperature operation which can up to 17000℃, it have a widely applications because the superior electrical insulation.


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