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Advantage and disadvantages of pin type insulators,suspension type insulators

Electrical power is frequency used in our daily life, electrical transmit can classify into two types underground cable or overhead line, insulators are usually on overhead line, suspension and pin type insulator is the common insulator which is used on overhead line, Advantage and disadvantages of pin type insulators, suspension type insulators is also important for overhead line.

Advantage and disadvantages of pin type insulators,suspension type insulators

The insulator is a important in distribution and transmission line, it can provide insulation between line conductors and supports and thus prevent any leakage current conductors to earth, so the insulator must have some properties such as high mechanical strength, high electrical resistance and so on.

Pin type insulator:
Pin type insulator can used on distribution line, the voltage of pin type insulator can reach to 33kV, if beyond 33kV pin type insulator will become bulky and hence uneconomical,
pin type insulator used with a spindle fixed on the crossarm of telegraph. It is also have a groove on its top, it is used to fixed wire, the conductor passes through groove and bound by annealed wire.

Suspension insulator:
Suspension insulator also used together, it can adjust its length according to working voltage, each piece of suspension insulator is 11k, which designed for low voltage,
For the suspension insulator if one piece insulator broken, the whole string does not become useless because the damaged disc can be replaced by the sound one.


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