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Braced line post insulator in China

Porcelain line post insulator used on distribution and transmission line upto 132KV, which is a main kind of porcelain insulator. As a leader line post insulator manufacturer, Orient Power can produce braced line post insulator in China with high quality and better performance.

Braced line post insulator
porcelain line post insulator

Braced line post insulator in China formation:
Braced Porcelain line post insulator consists of ceramic and metal accessories with cement gel pack, insulation and support in the overhead power line wires and line post insulator are normally used for under 132 kv line, like pin insulator, as on a line support wires, one end of the connection wire, one end is installed on the cross arm, unlike pin insulator, insulator line column is the breakdown type.

Braced line post insulator classifies:
Colligation type and clamp type insulator at the top is divided into two kinds. Porcelain insulator’s head can be divided into binding porcelain insulator and clipping wire type of porcelain insulator. Wire clip type for the porcelain of the head of the binding for vertical and horizontal installation clip accessories. Porcelain of binding site using sand structure, to ensure that the mechanical strength, prevent loose and reverse.

Braced line post insulator cantilever strength:
To the type of connecting with the conductor, brace line post insulator can be tie top porcelain line post insulator design or clamp top porcelain line post insulator design. To the mounting direction, it can be horizontal or vertical. The cantilever strength can be 4KN, 6KN, 8KN, 10KN, 12.5KN and 16KN.

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