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Bushing porcelain insulator

Bushing porcelain insulator can be made from ceramic materials used for substations, stations, power plant, electrical equipment or transmission and distribution systems.

Bushing porcelain insulator

The insulator materials for Bushing porcelain insulator
◆ Common porcelain
◆ High aluminum porcelain
◆ High silicone porcelain

The features of Bushing porcelain insulator
◆ High hardness
◆ High compressive strength
◆ High melting point
◆ And it has excellent chemical stability at high temperatures
◆ Low coefficient of linear expansion than the metal

The requirements of Bushing porcelain insulator
◆ Shall be smooth, glazed
◆ Coated RTV silicone rubber coatings to improve hydrophobic resistance

Bushing porcelain insulator is hollow core insulator, also called hollow core post insulator made by wet process porcelain with high mechanical strength and used with arresters.


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