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Ceramic Porcelain line post insulator 33kV

As a line post insulator manufacturer, Orient Power produces porcelain line post insulator 33kV made by ceramic, which is also called ceramic line post insulators.

Porcelain line post insulator 33kV                 Porcelain line post insulator

According to ANSI 29.17 and IEC standard, porcelain line post insulator 33kV code numbers have ANSI57-1, ANSI 57-2, ANSI 57-11, ANSI 57-12, ANSI 57-31, ANSI 57-32.

Orient Porcelain line post insulator 33kVis designed and manufactured to give unparalleled performance and reliability. Although shapes and appearances seem unchanging, today’s ceramic line post insulators provide even greater benefits and reliability than in the past.

Porcelain line post insulator 33kV has new wide top conductor grooves that meet ANSI standards and provide for all popular conductors. The Top and neck for ANSI porcelain line post insulator are designed for either wraplock ties or standard tie wire conductor attachment.

Porcelain line post insulator 33kV usually used strength has 2kN, 4kN, 6kN, 8kN, 10kN, 12kN, 12.5kN and 16kN.

Orient Porcelain line post insulator 33kV has been extending the limits of manufacturing high voltage insulators since 1978. Today, we’re still putting our unparalleled reputation for reliability on the line – through quality, innovation, customer focus and an unwavering commitment to world class performance.

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Porcelain line post insulator 33kv

Orient is an international line post insulator manufacturer and supplier of high quality porcelain line post insulators and porcelain pin post insulator.
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