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Ceramic bushing insulators

Ceramic bushing insulators are usually used with transformer, circuit breaker, also called transformer bushings, circuit breaker transformer bushings.

Ceramic bushing insulators

According to different voltage, Ceramic bushing insulators can be divided into
◆ Pure Ceramic bushing insulators
◆ Oil-immersed transformer bushings
◆ Capacitors transformer bushings

The application of Ceramic bushing insulators
◆ Pure Ceramic bushing insulators is usually used for 1kv to 10kv transformers, also called air insulation
◆ Oil-immersed transformer bushings are normally used in 35kv transformers, used with Conductive copper rod
◆ Capacitors transformer bushings is one of coupling transformer bushings, used for high voltage transformers

The requirements of Ceramic bushing insulators
◆ Standard electrical and mechanical strength
◆ Good thermal ratability resistance
◆ Easy to maintenance

Transformer bushing is a major transformer insulation used outside the box, lead wire must pass through the Ceramic bushing insulators, insulation between the lead wires and transformer bushings, at the same time play the role of fixed Lead wires.


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