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Ceramic insulator fittings

Ceramic insulator fittings can be divided into link fittings, end fittings, protective fittings, splicing fittings, ground fittings and others.

Ceramic insulator fittings

The types of Ceramic insulator fittings, end fittings have
◆ Disc insulator hardware fittings: ball & socket, Clevis & tongue, Y-clevis and eye
◆ Pin insulator spindle
◆ Line post insulator or pin post insulator stud
◆ Post insulator flange
◆ Railway insulator castings
◆ Crossarm insulator fittings
◆ D-bracket etc.

The types of Ceramic insulator fittings, link fittings have
◆ Ball type
◆ Socket type
◆ Anchor shackle
◆ U-bolted
◆ Yoke plates

The types of Ceramic insulator fittings, splicing fittings have
◆ Splicing sleeve
◆ Repair sleeve
◆ Parallel groove clamp

Ceramic insulator fittings also have insulator assemblies, such as suspension clamps, strain clamps and ground rod fittings and so on.


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