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Ceramic insulator properties

In order to establish a method for monitoring contamination in insulators based on leakage current waveforms and their frequency characteristics, which belong to ceramic insulator properties. Ceramic insulator includes porcelain line post insulator, porcelain pin post insulator and so on.

Ceramic insulator          Ceramic line post insulator   

The leakage current waveforms and frequency properties of ceramic insulator:
The leakage current waveforms and frequency characteristics of an artificially polluted 180 mm diameter porcelain line post insulator were investigated by the wet contaminant and the clean fog methods at fixed applied voltages. As a result it was found that leakage current waveforms become similar to the symmetrical wave when strong local arcs occur; hence, the intensity of the odd order of harmonic components, e.g. 50, 150, and 250 Hz, is high. Furthermore, it was clarified that the transition of the leakage current waveforms, until flashover occurs, is classified into six stages and that a threshold exists of ceramic line post insulator by which the occurrence of flashover can be predicted.

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