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Ceramic line post insulator properties

As a rich experience electrical company, Orient Power manufactures excellent performance and high quality ceramic line post insulator. The tests for ceramic line post insulator properties follow the international standards.

Ceramic line post insulator               porcelain line post insulator

Do you know the advantages of porcelain ceramic line post insulators?
1. Environmental friendly. At its disposal, the porcelain line post insulator is not dangerous waste
It is manufactured form natural materials by simple blending and curing; it may be stored in dumps with other waste. It may serve as a recycled material for the production of ceramic and similar products.

2. In comparison to the polymer, electrical strength of porcelain is higher: 25+ kV/mm v. 20 kV/mm at the polymer. The porcelain line post insulator in the dry state as electric insulation material has better electrical properties than the polymer, type electrical tests show better results, giving longer useful life in terms of loads generated by electric charges and other temporary electrical phenomena.

3. The ceramic line post insulators have demonstrably higher resistance to degradation of the surface, does not degrade or carbonate during charges; the conductive path is created very slowly in comparison of the surface of a composite-material insulator High thermal resistance and strength, ceramics is resistant to temperatures as high as 1000°C: the surface is resistant to any type of degradation within the temperature range. The surface is stable against the effects of UV radiation.

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