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Composite line post insulators service conditions

Composite line post insulators service conditions include environmental condition and system conditions to decide how to use insulators. This article lists some service conditions.

Composite line post insulators environmental conditions
Temperatures: 50℃ summer day time; -20℃ winter night time
Solar Radiation Level: 1 000 Wm-2 with high ultraviolet content
Precipitation: Tropical summer storms with high wind speeds and an annual rainfall in excess of 1500mm
Humidity: Extended periods of relative humidity in excess of 90%
Pollution: Areas of coastal salt spray and/or industrial pollution with equivalent salt deposit densities in the range 2.0 to 3.0 gm-2
Wind Velocity: 210km/hr (58m/s)

Composite line post insulators system conditions (66kv & 132kv)

Characteristic Units Item1 Item 2&3
Normal system operating voltgae KV 132 66
Maximum continuous operating voltage KV 148 72.5
System frequency Hz 50 50
Phase to phase separation (vertical) mm 2200 1800
Earth fault current with duration of 0.7 sec kA 7.8 7.8

Composite line post insulators service conditions also include main technical parameters. The system conditions just list 66kv & 132kV line post insulators data. Orient Power can provide more types of line posts, such as 72.5kv, 33kv and 11kv insulators.


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