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Composite pin insulator

Composite pin insulator is also known as polymer or silicone rubber pin insulators.

Composite pin insulator

Composite pin insulator has high bending strength, superior impact resistance, shock resistance and explosion-proof performance.

The Main feature of composite pin insulators:
Its excellent earthquake performance, good anti-pollution resistance
Compared to the porcelain insulator, Composite pin-type insulator has small volume, easy to maintain
its light weight, easy to install
its high mechanical strength, are not easy to break
its production cycle, high quality and stability

The peel of Composite pin insulator and tie top line post insulators are designed according to aerodynamic principles. Composite pin insulator, particularly for the dirty areas, can effectively prevent pollution flashover, is now widely used alternative to porcelain insulators.

Composite pin insulator can be divided into tie-top type, clamp-top type and detachable type. Composite pin insulator color generally has red and gray.


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