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Composite suspension insulator characteristics

Composite suspension insulator characteristics feature have antifouling、peace and deftness、Machinery and electrical reproducibility.

Composite suspension insulator characteristics

The main feature of Composite suspension insulators:
Excellent mechanical properties, the axial tensile strength, can meet the load 120KN
Antifouling flash
Electrolytic corrosion resistance
Self-cleaning, easy maintenance

Since Composite suspension insulator Advances in manufacturing technology, Composite suspension insulators Range of applications is constantly expanding.

Meet the technical requirements under the premise of equal, compared with porcelain, glass suspension insulators, composite suspension insulator prominent advantages are mainly, smaller form factor, stain stronger, lighter, help in some application of catenary installation project specific requirements. For example, in low headroom hanging installation, filthy hit areas installation, electrical insulation installation.

Composite suspension insulator characteristics Application Prospect in catenary engineering is very impressive.


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