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Distribution fiberglass crossarms

Distribution fiberglass crossarms are generally used on transmission and distribution power lines with good mechanical and electrical performance.

The materials used for crossarms in distribution and transmission lines are steel, wood and fiberglass.

What are the differences from these materials?
◆ Steel is always a conductor in any condition, so it does not have an insulation resistance
◆ Wood has low electrical strength at AC especially under wet condition, and also low mechanical strength per unit weight
◆ Fiberglass has superior properties under dry condition compared to other material

Fiberglass’s properties in non-conductivity and high mechanical strength, light weight and some UV ratio make distribution fiberglass crossarms supersede steel crossarm and wood cross arm.

The application of Distribution fiberglass crossarms
◆ Installed on the transmission steel towers
◆ Used on the electrical pole
◆ Used on the substations

We should do some test to ensure Distribution fiberglass crossarms quality, such as
◆ Flashover Arc on a Distribution fiberglass crossarms with three insulators
◆ Lightning impulse under wet condition
◆ AC voltage under wet condition

If the leakage current level is high and time duration of applied voltages is long, it could create extensive heat that would cause damage to the Distribution fiberglass crossarms surface.


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