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Distribution line post insulator

Distribution line post insulator is usually composed of porcelain units and insulator pin. Distribution line post insulator arcing distance is one kind property of ceramic porcelain line post insulator. Each porcelain insulator has common features, such as voltage, material and mechanical strength and so on.

porcelain line post insulator             Distribution line post insulator

Distribution line post insulator characteristics:
Distribution line post insulator own its characters, such as ANSI C29.7 57-21 type creepage distance is 365mm, power frequency dry flashover voltage 70KV, power frequency wet flashover voltage 50KV and dry arcing distance 165mm and so on. Distribution line post insulator colors have brown, grey and white. The grey insulator is usually used in the European and American countries. The brown porcelain line post insulators are often used in the South Africa.

Orient Power supplied the distribution line post insulator that must be inspected before shipping according to ANSI C29.7 standard. We do all set of ANSI 57-21 porcelain line post insulator in our independent laboratory to ensure high quality and reasonable price for customers. We also produce all type porcelain insulators. If you want porcelain insulator, can contact us.

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