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Electrical porcelain pin post insulator

Electrical porcelain pin post insulator is made from high quality non porous electrical porcelain and galvanized ferrous (or non-ferrous) end fittings which provide long life and reliable performance over a wide range of environmental conditions.

porcelain pin post insulator               Electrical insulator

Electrical porcelain pin post insulator properties:
1. The ceramic material offers very high mechanical strength under pressure and hardness.
The Electrical ceramic pin post insulator does not deform unless external force is deployed. Long useful life can be guaranteed of lengths up to 40 years. Therefore, many users have provided long-term operational references in a number of applications.

2. The design is modified to suit the environment
The electrical porcelain line post insulator offers many shapes during production; glazing uses a wide scale of colours based on the needs of the customer, for example grey or sky blue.

3. The Electrical porcelain pin post insulators are nicer to the eye
It has a timeless design.

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