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Glass insulator price guide

Glass insulator price guide will be given by Orient Power, if you want to buy this type insulator, please contact Orient Power or understand some information about glass insulator.

glass insulator

glass insulator

The advantages of glass insulator
◆ Due to the high mechanical strength of the glass insulator surface, the surface is not easy to crack occurred.
◆ Electric strength glass is generally unchanged during the entire run, and the aging process is much slower than the porcelain should, therefore glass insulators major damage due to be scrapped since occurred in the first year of operation, but the porcelain insulators only running a few flaws after only beginning to discover.
◆ Glass insulators, regular preventive tests can cancel charged during operation conducted insulators.

Glass insulator is one main of electrical insulator; porcelain electrical insulators are on part of insulator. Orient Power will give suitable glass insulator price guide according to the insulator properties.

Why do the glass insulators have these advantages?

This is because the glass will cause damage for each damaged insulators, operating personnel in the patrol line is very easy to find it. When damaged insulators, steel cap and glass shards stuck near the foot of iron, mechanical strength sufficient to prevent the remaining part of the insulator strings broken off. Glass insulators include suspension insulators and pin insulators, not line post insulator.

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