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High voltage ceramic insulator

High voltage ceramic insulator is widely used in power transmission as well as distribution lines. The common ceramic high voltage insulators include suspension insulator, post insulator and bushing insulator used for different position.

High voltage ceramic insulator

High voltage ceramic insulator can be divided into:
Transmission line insulators
Distribution line insulators
Post insulators
Hollow porcelain insulators

The electrical properties of High voltage ceramic insulator have Flashover voltage, Withstand voltage, Impulse with stand voltage and Puncture withstand voltage.

The pollution measures of High voltage ceramic insulator:
Increase creepage distance
periodic clean
Coated HTV silicone rubber coatings
Using semi-conductor glaze
Used new polymer insulators

High voltage ceramic insulator is used upto 1000kv overhead power lines made from high strength aluminum porcelain with high mechanical strength.

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