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High voltage circuit-breakers

High voltage circuit-breakers can cut off or closing high voltage circuit load current and load current.

High voltage circuit-breakers

When the system fails by the action of the relay protection devices, cutting off the overload current and short circuit current, has fairly well-interrupter structure and sufficient drying capacity.

The main feature of High voltage circuit-breakers:
Do electric operation and manual operation
500KV voltage level and within the appropriate mechanical dynamic characteristics test various high voltage circuit breakers
Accurate data, strong anti-interference, small size, light weight, beautiful
Machine with delay protection function, can automatically cut off the circuit breaker operation after operation of the power, well protected breaker equipment and high voltage switch tester
Instrument built-in DC power supply, selectable range: 30-270V / 10A, there is no conventional rectifier power output instantaneous voltage drop, in order to test very precise voltage switching operation

High voltage circuit breaker is dedicated appliances or Disconnect the electrical high-voltage circuits.


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