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High voltage porcelain insulator

High voltage porcelain insulator includes porcelain cutout insulator, station post insulator, porcelain stay insulator, porcelain pin insulator and so on.


High voltage porcelain insulator

High voltage porcelain insulator advantages:
The porcelain insulator has better electrical properties than the polymer insulator.
High voltage porcelain insulator has longer useful life in terms of loads generated by electric charges and other temporary electrical phenomena.
Environmental friendly. The high voltage porcelain insulator is not dangerous waste.

High voltage porcelain insulator, high voltage line post insulators have a solid insulator, an A-type insulators, and thus do not have to worry about running along the internal insulation breakdown, which is one of its major advantages.

High voltage porcelain insulator for general area and the AC power lines in heavy polluted areas insulation and support conductors.


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