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High voltage post insulators

High voltage post insulators for nominal voltage above 1000V, frequency does not exceed the high-voltage electrical system of 100Hz AC running or to live conductor insulation and support in the distribution device (bus and contacts, etc.).

High voltage post insulators

High voltage post insulators from the upper and lower metal accessories and insulation (porcelain) glued together by glue. No glue from not less than 42.5 portland cement and quartz sand formulated. Usually made of cast iron, metal accessories, brush on the surface rust or galvanized.

Pin outdoor post insulators and (line) pin insulator similar, except that the former head of plastic with a metal cap, threaded hole on the cap and certain gold with fixed supports live conductors, which generally rely on porcelain head top groove or side groove direct lashing wire. Post insulator pin voltage level general to 40.5kV, higher voltage level when several elements connected in series to use insulator column.

High voltage post insulators, rod pillar insulator element voltage level general to 126kV, when a higher voltage rating also be concatenated into a column to use. Rod post insulators, also known as a solid post insulators, it belongs to a cylindrical post insulators.


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