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IEC line post porcelain insulator,ceramic line post insulator

As a kind of ceramic line post insulator, IEC line post porcelain insulator end fitting material is steel and the pin was stainless steel. Line fitting is a vertical tie top and the base fitting is a gain base.

IEC line post porcelain insulator / ceramic line post insulator hardware:
Serrated collar and lockwasher secure unit to line post insulator and prevent accidental disassembly. Cut threads above serrated collar, rolled threads below collar.

ceramic line post insulator                IEC line post porcelain insulator

Available in both horizontal ceramic line post insulators and vertical porcelain line post insulators trunnion
- Horizontal used for applications such as down-leads and jumper loop control
- Vertical used for applications such as crossarms and structures
- Manufactured and tested to ANSI Standard C29.7

Orient Power Porcelain Insulator Co., Ltd. is a leader IEC line post insulator manufacturer enterprise that specialized in the researching and manufacturing of ceramic line post insulator under 132-kilovolt.

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