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Insulated suspension clamp

Insulated suspension clamp is a kind of fitting which are used for suspension or support stranded on insulator string, Insulated suspension clamp always connected with poke plate, U-bolt to support wire an insulators on the crossarm.

Insulated suspension clamp

Insulated suspension clamp are used with through bolts, which serve as a clamping member and are shaped to securely grip messenger wire to the pole, the insulator suspension clamp have a nut and square washer is used between the clamp and pole to provide proper spacing,

The materials of insulated suspension clamp is steel hardware is hot dip galvanized, Galvanizing can be done in accordance to national and international standard.

Following are some features about insulated suspension clamp:
Corrosion resistant cast aluminum body
Suitable for coastal and highly polluted environment
Stainless steel hardware
Fast and simple installation
Optional failure link feature

The insulated suspension clamp are used in clamping MV,HV, overhead ACSR or aluminum alloy conductors to suspension insulators, these insulated clamp provide a very high strength,

Clamp bodied and keeper pieces are high strength cast aluminum alloy, Coller bolts and U bolts are galvanized steel. Cotter pins are stainless steel.


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