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Insulator metal fitting

 Insulator metal fitting is used in overhead line and Distribution Equipment. Insulator metal fitting used for supporting, fixing and linking conductors. otherwise, it also used for protect conductor and insulator.

Insulator metal fitting


According to the purpose and feature of Insulator metal fitting, Insulator metal fitting can be divided into:

suspension clamp is used for hanging the lines to the insulator string and hanging jump lines on the insulator string.

Link fitting is used for linking the suspension insulators to be string. it withstand the mechanical load.

Splice fittings is used for splice all kinds of Naked lines and lightning conductors. Splice fittings withstand the electrical load.

Protection fitting is used for protecting conductors and insulators. such as grading ring, damper and protection fittings.

Through the insulator metal fitting should be tested often, the operation is simple .



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