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Insulator suppliers in uae

Compared to Insulator suppliers in uae, Orient power produced porcelain insulator and polymer insulator. Porcelain insulator is made by the wet process porcelain.

porcelain insulator

porcelain insulator

The wet process is employed for high voltage applications, such as porcelain line post insulator. The dry process is used for LV insulators, such as shackle insulator. But Orient insulators made of wet process porcelain and used in the transmission and distribution of electric energy.

The leakage distance of Orient Insulator suppliers in China
The umbrella type spreading porcelain shell or shed protects the leakage corrugations on the underside of the porcelain insulators from contamination and mechanical damage. The sheds are designed to provide optimum normal and protected leakage distance in relation to size and shape.

Any variations in these dimensions due to manufacturing tolerances shall be indicated. For example Insulator suppliers in uae produce tie top line post insulator is different with China insulator suppliers. Please deeply understand this type insulator to decide whether it is your choice. 

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