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Line post type insulator

Line post type insulator is made of porcelain ceramic, also called porcelain line post insulator or ceramic line post insulator, which consists of porcelain unit and insulator pin.

Line post type insulator               porcelain line post type insulator

Compared with polymer line post type insulator, porcelain line post type insulator advantages have:
Environmentalfriendly. At its disposal, the porcelain line post type insulator is not dangerous waste. Porcelain line post type insulator is manufactured form natural materials by simple blending and curing; it may be stored in dumps with other waste. Porcelain line post insulators may serve as a recycled material for the production of ceramic and similar products.

The ceramic material is resistant to rodents, termites, birds and other animals capable of compromising the integrity of polymers. The surface of the porcelain line post type insulator is highly glazed and hard, making the product unfavourable to the tastes of the fauna.

The ceramic line post type insulator has a wide scope of application: Contactors, disconnectors, equipment transformers, condensers, and grommets also with extreme surface, atypical insulators (filters). The features of high plasticity during production for ceramic line post insulator, the possibilities of precision grinding and quite easy cementation and bonding with excellent mechanical properties permit that a multitude of shapes be created and used in any type of application

Orient produces a comprehensive range of porcelain line post type insulator for overhead transmission lines up to the highest system voltages of 132 kV with the most progressive technology, engineering and in-service life.

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