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Low voltage shackle insulator

Low voltage shackle insulators are applied on low voltage overhead distribution lines for fixing of conductors to poles.

Low voltage shackle insulator

Low voltage shackle insulator System parameters:
Nominal System Voltage: 400/230V - 3phase & neutral
System Maximum Voltage: 440/250V - 3phase & neutral
Frequency: 50HZ
Type of Earth: Solidly earthed Neutral at substations

Low voltage shackle insulator service conditions:
Annual average ambient temperature: 30C
Maximum ambient air temperature: 40C
Maximum relative humidity: 90%
Environmental condition: Humid tropical climate with heavily polluted atmosphere
Operational altitude: From M.S.L. to 1900 m above MSL.

Low voltage shackle insulator has the Electrical and Mechanical Characteristics conforming to the standards specified. The Insulators shall be made of good commercial grade wet-process porcelain.


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