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New porcelain insulators

New porcelain insulators the mechanical modeling allows the analysis of the flexural strength. In the electrical modeling an axi-symmetric electrostatic formulation is applied to study the porcelain insulator performances.

New porcelain insulators

The use of this new porcelain system in replacement of the current system presented the following characteristics: higher insulation weather resistance, higher safety, lower maintaining, the same installation cost, and the advantage of being more aesthetically pleasant.

Development of geometry and electrical and mechanical simulations using the finite element method: The mechanical modeling allowed the analysis of the flexural strength. In the electrical modeling an axisymmetric electrostatic formulation was applied to study the porcelain insulator performances. This analysis allowed to examine if the electric field values are above of the dielectric strength values of the material.

This test is performed to ensure that the insulators withstand the specified impulse voltage level, which is dependent on the dry arcing or strike distance. The intent is to make sure that the insulators do not flashover for impulse voltage values bellow the basic lightning impulse insulation level for which they are designed.

New porcelain insulators, a basic geometry was proposed and using mechanical and electrical simulations it was possible to determine the new insulator geometry. With the electrical simulation was noted that the electric field module values are smaller than the dielectric strengths of the fiberglass and of the porcelain.



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